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Industrial Facilities/Oil & Gas

In addition to buildings, ECGroup personnel possess a wide experience in all types of Industrial facilities (chimneys, tanks, reservoirs… etc.).  Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petro-Chemical facilities are among several industries that make ECGroup stands as one of very few offices in the Syrian arena capable of achieving glorious results.  This is all substantiated by a 6-year experience in designing such structures with Brown and Root – Houston, Texas, an elite US engineering company specialized in the Oil and Gas / Chemical and Petro-Chemical projects.

Also, with the fast growth of industries requiring large areas; steel structures and steel sheds are becoming important necessities.  In several cases these structures attract the attention of investors for their low-cost/fast-erection qualities.  With accurate engineering, and a combined use of Reinforced Concrete bases and work floors, these structures can resist all type of loads that they may tackle during their lifetime.

Using built-up sections, rolled sections or a combination of both provide a versatility to accommodate any type of a structure, even those with multi-stories.