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Third Party QA/QC, Peer Review and Value Engineering

Nowadays, and with the current fierce competition, it has become crucial that Architects, Engineers and Designers do more for less, as funding has become limited and construction budgets are constrained. This is a challenge that can lead to promising design innovations for optimistic/ambitious engineers, and can also lead to complete alienation for gloomy engineers.

Even large practices, where Quality Control and Value Engineering services are vital, find it hard to justify its cost.  However, in such large practices, Quality Control and Value Engineering become inevitable.  Studies showed that no matter the size of the firm, projects face design and contract document errors. They also indicated that every project, regardless of its size, has at least one of these deficiencies:

- Basic Design Errors
- Infeasible Design Concepts
- Improper selection of systems and details
- Lack of MEP coordination
- Overly complex detail or complete lack of details
- Constructability misunderstandings and failures

The experience and judgment that was accumulated with years of practice, and the viewpoint that protects not only the design practitioner, but the interests of the owner as well have placed ECGroup in a class of its own far from all other engineering offices in Aleppo. 

ECGroup has successfully explored this domain, and with great professionalism performed a third party QA/QC, peer review for a 60MW private sector power station with glorious results that pleased both the Client and the Engineer.