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Residential Projects


The Amal Tower

This ambitious 11 story project owned by the Greek Catholic archbishopric transformed a lot in the central residential area of Aleppo, which was used for an old school into a residential complex that will house 66 families.


The Christian Education Association Headquarter

This large building located in a residential area in Aleppo-Syria was very carefully designed in order to ensure that all functions of the association are well met.


The Basmaji Residential Building

Located in the central residential area of Aleppo, the Basmaji residential building looks no different from its surrounding neighbors.


Other Residential Buildings

In addition, several residential buildings were engineered and supervised. They all stand distinguished and known to be the best buildings in their neighborhood.


The Chami Villa

Although they are smaller in size compared with other structures, the architectural innovations in villas make their structural work very challenging.


Other Villas

Seven other villas with similar obstacles and challenges were also studied.