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The Cistercian Monastery in Syria

Over 6000 square meters of buildings spread in a 110 Hectares lot near the little village of Azeir located between Homs and Tartous.

The monastery includes a large church structure in addition to a community center for the visitors and a housing and work center for the sisters. Also in the monastery there exist a court yard with a clinic, a library, and a special housing arrangement for the visiting priests.

The project consisted of a complete study of the general layout, including the infrastructures (water feeding, drainage, electricity, telephone) networks, in addition to a road linking the lot with the town of Azeir (about 1.5Km)

The main buildings and especially the church had architectural work showing all needed executive details for construction purposes. The structures are made of reinforced concrete with natural stone facades that will give a special touch for such religious complexes.

In addition to the main monastery complex, several service buildings are also designed and being constructed.  These include the Hotelerie (The group guest house), the Guardian family house, The group reception terrace, and several depots, in addition to a water reservoir and the diesel tanks pit.

The engineering of this project included all required disciplines: Architectural, Structural, Sanitary, Electrical and Mechanical (HVAC).

(Construction in Progress).