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The Gecosteel Galvanization Plant | Hama - Syria

An expansion in a public sector steel melting factory made of a 5000-square meter steel structure housing a new galvanization furnace with all related auxiliary facilities, including a preheating furnace, a chemical treatment basin, a pipe withdrawing unit, a fume suction unit and a basket weighing unit.

Also in addition the steel structure was serviced by several bridge cranes, the heaviest being a 20-ton crane which was capable of lifting the entire galvanization furnace during maintenance procedures.

The plant also included a reinforced concrete building that housed the compressors, as well as a wastewater treatment unit with a large decanter.

The project awarded to an Italian company (COTIMPI), who provided the technology and the equipment.  The duty of our team was mainly to perform the executive engineering of the infrastructure of the whole site, including piping and channeling of a large amount of process water required for the galvanization process.

Also our team performed complete structural design for the steel warehouse based on the latest AISC requirements, as well as the reinforced concrete design and detailing of all buildings and units, using the a major structural software package.

(The project was put in service in 2003).