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The Damascus-Daraa-Jordanian Border High-Speed Railway line

A 110 Kilometer state-of the-art railway line, the first high-speed line in Syria, engineered by ITALFERR, one of the world leading companies in High-speed railway design, in charge of the Italian Railway network.

The duties of ECGroup in this project were broad and challenging.  In addition to providing all field related works (high accuracy topographical survey, and extensive geotechnical investigation), ECG performed complete executive engineering packages for all the buildings in the project (total 42 buildings).

Executive Engineering of the buildings included Architectural, Structural, Sanitary, Electrical, and HVAC.  The packages included complete drawings with calculation books as well as all necessary technical specifications, project specifications and BOQs.

The project buildings included 6 stations of small and medium typologies, and two large stations one in Daraa and one on the border with Jordan. Stations included passengers' buildings, technology buildings, station master's residence, and elevated water tanks.  In addition, Daraa station included maintenance warehouses, a locomotive depot with a turning platform, office buildings and other storage and service buildings.  The border station included a large customs building, a frozen food storage warehouse, a firefighting post and a 3-story Ferrotel.

All buildings were designed and detailed to the full satisfaction of Italferr engineers. 

(Construction in Progress).