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Bank Audi - Aleppo Branch

After the purchase of an old estate in the central district of Aleppo, with the intention to demolish it and build the new Aleppo Headquarter, the bank management saw the authentic value of the building and decided to preserve it.

The building had a complicated structural system due to the fact that it was built in two stages.  Stage I, (Basement, Ground and First floors) built in the 1930s with natural stone ashlar bearing walls with steel I-beams, wood panels and compacted dirt for slabs.  Stage II (second and third floors) built in the 1950s with natural stones bearing walls and concrete slabs.

Due to the delicateness of the structure, a complete finite elements model using a major structural software package was made for all elements of the building.  Results were analyzed accurately and strengthening decisions, to meet safely as well the bank specific requirements were made.