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Al-Halawia Mosque and School

The renovation/rehabilitation of the Halawia mosque and school were a part of the “Rehabilitation of the Area Surrounding the Grand Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo” project.

This complex and besides its religious value has a great authentic and historic values.  And being adjacent to the Grand Omayyad mosque, it is one of the most visited sites by tourists that come to visit the Old City of Aleppo.

The complex and being neglected for so many years showed a great deal of structural degradation.  In addition, due to an abusive use, many of its bearing stones showed chipping and cracking, and some of the façade stones were loosened and ready to fall.

A complete structural assessment was made and drawings showing the step-by-step procedures for the strengthening of the walls with a great preservation to all stone formations.

The project was subcontracted with SURADEC, a leading office in old buildings restoration, and it was completed in 2007.